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Lucky Dog Dottie (HD, Repeat, TV-G) An older dog receives a chance to take on a new role as a company mascot, but Brandon McMillan must first train her on office etiquette and handling travel.
The Open Road with Dr. Chris Dr. Chris to the Rescue (HD, Repeat, TV-G) Dr. Chris releases a tropical turtle back to its original home, rescues a baby bird that swallowed plastic and takes a shelter dog with him to enjoy the day.
PBR Bullriding AK-Chin Invitational 15/15 Bucking Battle from Gila River Casino Arena in Glendale, Ariz. (HD, TV-PG) The Top 15 riders in the world compete against the 15 highest-ranked bulls for additional points and prize money; bulls are randomly assigned a position.
College Basketball NCAA Division II Championship: Northern State Wolves vs Ferris State Bulldogs from Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls, SD (HD) NSU (36-3) beat Queens, 105-99, to earn its first title game appearance; FSU (37-1) plays in its first championship after beating West Texas A&M, 85-79.

« Tombstone Territory Crime Epidemic (TV-PG) A tough sheriff upholds the law in an Arizona boom town with the help of his loyal deputy and a local newspaper editor.
Yancy Derringer Three Knaves from New Haven (TV-PG) A trio of outlaws works an extortion scheme on local shop owners, but Yancy vows to track them down.
The Restless Gun Better Than a Cannon (TV-PG) When Bonner is deputized by a federal marshal, he is sent to serve notice on a German man for having a cannon placed on his land, but the man refuses to comply.
The Restless Gun The Dead Ringer (TV-PG) When Bonner rides into town, he is unaware that he has a striking resemblance to an outlaw's boss, who robbed the bank and killed a man in the process.
The Tall Man A Time to Run (TV-PG) A series of fictionalized accounts surrounding a deputy sheriff and the notorious gunfighter Billy the Kid set in Lincoln County, New Mexico, during the 1870s.
Whispering Smith

Laverne & Shirley You've Pushed Me Too Far (TV-PG) Lenny and Squiggy have a falling out and their fight ends in Lenny falling into the alley, and Squiggy refuses to apologize for the accident.
Laverne & Shirley Bad Girls (TV-PG) Laverne and Shirley find out their old club has become a group of troubled teenage girls that is known for committing crimes and causing trouble.
Laverne & Shirley You're in the Army Now, Part 1 (TV-PG) The girls are not happy with their boss at work when they are denied a promotion, so they resign and decide to join the Army so they can get some respect.
Laverne & Shirley You're in the Army Now, Part 2 (TV-PG) Things get tough for Laverne and Shirley after they make the decision to join the Army when they are out on a dangerous mission; they decide they want to leave.
Laverne & Shirley Take Two, They're Small (TV-PG) The girls go on a blind date, set up by Lenny and Squiggy, but they are taken by surprise when they realize their blind dates are a pair of little people.
Laverne & Shirley The Fourth Annual Shotz Talent Show (TV-PG) Mr. Shotz plans the annual talent show and wants the performance to have a patriotic theme, so the girls and their players try to find the perfect acts.
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